Current Classes

I offer several ongoing classes around the Bay Area Peninsula as well as private and private-group sessions.

Setting The Body Free: Public Yoga Classes

“Jenn is a true teacher. Each class focuses on specific areas of the body, starting with fundamental movement then building into more complex movements of strength and flexibility with safe technique. Jenn’s particular strength is allowing students to receive joy from yoga and welcoming all students regardless of practice, style or age.”                                                                                                                         –Kelly

Retreats and Workshops

“The retreat was rejuvenating and beneficial on so many levels. The space was peaceful, the food was incredible, and the yoga was enlightening. I learned a lot about my body and my practice. I highly recommend Jenn’s yoga retreats!”                    —Lisa

Cranio and Yoga Therapy

“I knew Jenn understood my headaches the second her fingers touched my neck. She located the source of my discomfort right away, and I felt relief in a few minutes. She listened with compassion as we discussed the causes of such tension and she offered solutions that have helped me since. My head and neck feel better than they have in years, I am very grateful for Jenn’s talented touch and holistic approach.”                                –Myriam


Public Yoga Classes

Vinyasa combined with highly focused alignment work and invigorating sequences.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Jenn is certified as a Leslie Howard Pelvic Floor Therapist. Meet one-on-one for help with lower back or hip pain, incontinence and pelvic pain.


Come spend a weekend away. Relax and revitalize while learning about your body and its alignment.


Afternoon and day workshops including asana, guided meditation, therapy rolling, floor movement, and pelvic floor/core work.


Gentle touch on cranial bones and sacrum to relieve headaches and release stored emotional or physical holding in the body.

Private Yoga Therapy

Work one-on-one to release chronic pain in the body, including specialty work in Pelvic Floor Issues

“Jenn’s healing touch offered immediate relief from my daily migraine suffering which had lasted for over a month! In addition to the time and care she took with me during my cranio therapy session, Jenn left me with suggestions for relaxation, stretching, and massage exercises to assist me with ongoing tightness, stress, and pain management. I found it helpful to have my session in a quiet place that allowed me to focus intently on the therapy– much of which is about the ability to concentrate on the important connections between the mind and the physical.” –Sarah

Upcoming Retreats

April 22: Rejuvenating mini-retreat

One day mini-retreat in Emerald Hills, Redwood City with active core sequence and calming meditation to gain resilience and strength in the body and restore clarity and joy to the mind

November 9-12, 2017

Vinyasa retreat–note change of date please

Urdvha Dhanurasana
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"Jenn's class has completely transformed my life. When I first started practicing with her a little over a year ago, I went to class once a week with the goal of becoming more flexible. Within months, I began following her around to different studios--and now my goal is to become a yoga instructor myself. Practicing with Jenn has improved my flexibility, strengthened my body and quieted my mind. She is an amazing teacher."--Erica

"Jenn's gift among others is her interest to "explain" and demonstrate the why's and how's of the posses and the practice of yoga. She is not one of those teachers who tells you to do a pose and then good luck in trying to figure it out. She tells you how to do the poses. She shows you how to do the poses. She tells you why you are doing the poses, and most importantly she walks around the room to make sure (as time allows) that her students are doing the poses correctly so as to gain the benefit from the practice and more importantly not harm yourself from doing something incorrectly. Jenn is an amazingly caring and kind person who has a passion for teaching yoga, and she is very good at what she does."                                     --Stan


Interested in learning more? Try our free resources and handouts.

Craniosacral Exercises

Learn techniques for releasing pain and tension through the application of light, directed pressure.

4.9.16 Neck and Shoulder Handout

Tension permeates our modern lives. Learn techniques for letting go and relaxing your chronic Neck and Shoulder Tension.

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