Current Classes

I offer several ongoing classes around the Bay Area Peninsula as well as private and private-group sessions.


Neck and Shoulder Release

Learn how to release and relieve neck and shoulder tension using range-of-motion stretches, body rolling, and progressive relaxation. Neck And Shoulder Release can improve alignment in your upper arms, shoulders, and head—softening neck tension and gently opening the shoulders. Wear comfortable clothes. No yoga experience needed.          Two Saturdays from 1 to 3:30p $40 per […]

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Exercises from Neck and Shoulder Class Number Two

Collar bone Rocking  Try to keep the shoulder blades as quiet as possible and bring the focus and the movement into the collar bones. Inhale, widen the collar bones as much as possible and drop the outer shoulders towards the floor. Exhale collapse the collar bones toward each other as the shoulders curl up away […]

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